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  • P11 Coastal Estates. Batsonaa Sakm, Accra


Pamicor is a wholly Ghanaian company founded and incorporated in 1993 on a strong social and professional ethic and nurtures various internal and external initiatives to develop African drilling and construction business. Our business model is:
  • To provide a variety of drilling, construction and steel work services to the ¬†Ghanaian construction and mining industry
  • To provide training for the human capital to meet the dynamic demands in the Ghanaian and African mining and construction industry
  • Grow organically by developing partnerships and relationships with blue chip local/multinational companies
  • To maintain uncompromising and rigorous equipment maintenance scheme.
  • Develop the expertise to provide the training needs of our clients.
Pamicor comprise of highly experienced and competent professionals with developed expertise in management, drilling, and construction activities who have converged to provide targeted drilling and construction services for the mining industry.